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Introducing Chaos Genius for Databricks Cost Optimization

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Track & Optimize Workload Performance 📈

Hunt down your expensive workloads and get tuning recommendations

Chaos Genius dashboard — Snowflake query optimization and query cost attribution insights

Query-Level Cost Attribution

Advanced algorithms to attribute costs to your workloads

  • Attribute cost at a query level
  • Analyse costs of dbt models
  • Find your top 50 expensive workloads

Pattern Based Query Grouping

Analyse millions of queries using pattern based query grouping

  • Pattern based query grouping
  • Analyse top groups over 10+ performance KPIs
  • Spot least efficient workloads by users, WH, query tags
Chaos Genius dashboard — Pattern-based query grouping for Snowflake query optimization
Chaos Genius dashboard — Snowflake query optimization recommendations for expensive query workloads

Query tuning recommendations

Get detailed recommendations to improve your most expensive workloads

  • Access Query Profiles
  • Get Query Tuning recommendations
  • Identify failed queries

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