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The New Dashboard Feature, & Powerful Insights with Anomaly Detection - Chaos Genius v.0.3.0

✨ What's New?

We are happy to announce another big upgrade to the Chaos Genius experience based on the love and feedback we've received from you!! ❤️

With Chaos Genius 0.3.0, you can now scale Chaos Genius across multiple teams in the organization with our Dashboards feature. You can get even more powerful insights with Anomaly Detection supported at a sub-population level. In the task manager, you can now also view the errors occurring in your analytics - so no more going through the logs :) We also fixed a bunch of bugs.

To upgrade your CG instance, follow the commands here.

We look forward to continuing building with all the support from our Community! Thank you and wish you all and your families a safe and stellar 2022! 🎈

🎉 New Features

Anomaly detection at a sub-group level

So far we've only supported anomaly detection at an Overall KPI level. Based on community requests (thanks @gxu-kangaroo , @coindcx-gh), we now run anomaly detection and alerting for anomalies in KPIs at the top 250 sub-population groups (this is configurable). See below a quick snapshot of the anomaly alert:

  • Subdimensional email and slack alerts #516
  • feat(anomaly): add subdim level anomaly #512

Teams Dashboards (EE Feature)

We launched our first EE feature by allowing users to create separate dashboards for different groups of KPIs. This can be used to segregate analytics across different teams, customers, or any other groups.

Using this, customers are already using Chaos Genius to live monitor over 1000s of KPIs daily. Something which was not possible using the traditional BI tools!

This is an EE feature. So feel free to reach out to [email protected] for pricing & other details.

  • feat: dashboard functionality along with some fixes #520
KPI Dashboards
KPI Dashboards

Detailed Error Reporting in Task Status - no more looking at Logs to debug.

We have tried to reduce the need to go through the logs by allowing users to find the status of their analytics run directly from the Chaos Genius portal. You can now also see the Error that's occurring and debug yourself or share the screenshot with the Chaos Genius team.

Task Monitor
Task Monitor
Error log
Error log
  • Store task & subtask status and create a view for it for streamlined troubleshooting #459

Analytics now can run on data for (t-1)

As a default, we run analytics at a t-2 offset from the current day to allow for data pipelines to complete & the data to be backfilled for the day.

We now allow this to be set by changing DAYS_OFFSET_FOR_ANALTYICS to 1. As a default, it is set to 2.

  • feat: updating t-2 to t-(k-1) for analytics #523

Define KPIs without any dimensions

Earlier it was not possible to define a KPI w/o selecting the dimensions. We have now made that optional. In a KPI w/o defined dimensions, you will not get DeepDrills analysis. In Anomaly you will get the overall KPI anomaly but Drill Downs will not be available.

  • feat(anomaly): added anomaly without subdim support #435

Support for custom schema as a table

Thanks, @mvaerle for the feature suggestion. Earlier to setup a KPI on custom schema only query was an option. We now allow custom (non-public) schema to be added as a table KPI for ease of KPI setup. We support Postgres, Snowflake & Redshift for this.

  • Selecting a custom schema when adding KPIs #359

Better defaults for analytics params

Based on user feedback from @gxu-kangaroo, @davidhayter-karhoo @fampay-tech, we have modified the defaults for these analytics params.

As a default, we would now consider any dimension with up to 1000 cardinality. Also, we now consider the top 250 sub-groups for anomaly detection at a sub-dimensional level. Learn more about these params here.

  • chore: update config params #567

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Query for KPI validation & analytics is not of consistent format for time ranges #457
  • [BUG] Large panel values in DeepDrills overflow into graph #479
  • Anomaly screen not getting redirected to setting when anomaly is not setup #537
  • Handle fallback screen for 0 KPI #539
  • Drilldown collapse/expand not working for zero dimension #543
  • Form Validation is not working correctly in creating dashboard screen #542
  • Subdimensional Anomaly tab shows incorrect fallback before valid data is fetched #544
  • [BUG] "All" dashboard should not be allowed to be deleted #553
  • Edit KPI screen should have the dashboard they are pinned to selected in dropdown menu #540
  • Flask API endpoints shouldn't have the trailing slash #576

The Contributors

We have 15+ contributors spread across 10 different time zones across the world who have made commits to our GitHub repo to make Chaos Genius better than it was when they found it.

GitHub Contributors
GitHub Contributors

We are thankful to each one of you, and we're very excited about what the future holds for Chaos Genius in the open-source ecosystem.

Chaos Genius is an open-source business observability platform democratizing access to AI-powered Anomaly Detection for businesses around the world. Check out and access our Github Repository here. Give it a spin!


Preeti Shrimal

Technical Content Lead

Preeti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Chaos Genius.

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