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Strengthen your Observability Stack with real-time Anomaly Detection

Monitor systems metrics along with business metrics across the organization to minimize the Mean-Time-To-Detection (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Recovery (MTTR) of production issues.
  • check-cirleUse Prophet, ARIMA and custom ML models
  • check-cirleDynamic thresholds for Alerts
  • check-cirlePre-built connectors for all data-sources

We explored a few solutions for a Business Observability tool but none has been able to fit our requirement. This space needs a better solution and we’re excited about Chaos Genius.

Sr. Observability Engineer
Largest Services Marketplace in APAC

Plug & Play solution to monitor downstream impact of data pipelines

Detect Anomalies in Data Quality and correlate with Anomalies in downstream business metrics
  • check-cirleData Quality Anomaly Detection
  • check-cirleCorrelation analysis, and event identification
  • check-cirleManaged data pipelines for 25+ third party data connectors

Data Quality impacting Business Metrics is a real problem. Most existing solutions are expensive & require large setup effort.

Technical Architect
Leading Food Delivery Company, India

Automated Anomaly Detection & RCA for high-dimensional data

Monitor & Analyze KPIs at scale with automated multi-dimensional drill-downs & root cause analysis
  • check-cirleRealtime monitoring of high-dimensional time series
  • check-cirleAutomated slice-and-dice of data, correlation analysis, and event identification
  • check-cirleData Quality Monitoring

There’s no way for us to monitor anomalies in our KPIs using existing BI dashboards. Detecting issues weeks after they happen is a common problem we face.

Business Analyst
Leading Crypto Exchange, APAC

Detect issues in your funnel conversion KPIs & reduce impact

Sync your existing Product Analytics tools like MixPanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics with Chaos Genius to detect anomalies in your funnel & detect root-cause
  • check-cirleReal Time monitoring & Alerts
  • check-cirleAutomated RCA with event identification like version release, A/B tests, new features
  • check-cirleMonitoring of Data Quality Issues

Conversion metrics are often impacted with new releases, bad data or A/B testing. It’s often a time-consuming manual task to figure the RCA

Chief Product Officer
YC-backed Fintech Startup

Improve ROI with Real-time Ad performance Monitoring

Know immediately if your campaign is over-spending, underperforming or breaking. Correlate impact with other business metrics.
  • check-cirleReal Time monitoring & Correlation Analysis
  • check-cirleReal-Time Alerts
  • check-cirlePre-built connectors for Google Ads, FB Ads and others.

The largest need for real-time Anomaly Detection is for our marketing teams. It’s almost impossible to track 1000s of campaigns and detect issues

Leading E-Commerce giant, UAE

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All the features you need to know why your KPIs changed.


Multi-dimensional waterfalls to identify the top drivers of change in your KPIs. Automated Slicing & Dicing - no more exporting data from dashboard to excel for manual analysis.

Anomaly Detection

Auto-detect Anomalies in your Business & System KPIs. Automated Root Cause Analysis with KPI & Event based Correlation Analysis & Data Quality Validation checks.

Smart Alerts

Monitor KPIs with self-learning thresholds for Anomalies. Trigger Event Alerts by writing business rules directly on your data sources.

Connectors for your Entire Data Stack

Built with security and easy-of-use in mind.

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