Hourly Anomaly Detection, Event Alerts & Druid Support - Chaos Genius v.0.5.0

Mar 15, 2022

✨ What's New?

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce the release of Chaos Genius 0.5.0 with some highly requested features since the start along with more bug squashing.

Some of the key highlights for CG 0.5.0:

  1. Hourly Anomaly Detection and Alerting
  2. Event Alerts: understand and get alerted on changes in data.
  3. Druid support (Experimental).
  4. We have also squashed a bunch of bugs.

To upgrade your CG instance, follow the commands here.

A big thanks to @playsimple, @fampay-tech, @KShivendu, @coindcx-gh, @GRANTOSMO, @athul-osmo, @rsohlot

🎉 New Features

Hourly Anomaly Detection and Alerting

  • Since many users are running Chaos Genius on live data, they need faster anomaly detection and alerting, so we've added support to run anomaly detection and alerting at an hourly level.
  • Now users have the ability to run Anomaly Detection on KPIs every hour and observe real-time changes to their data.
  • Users can get hourly updates on slack or email by setting up hourly alerts for their KPIs.
Anomaly Detector for KPI
Anomaly Detector for KPI 
Anomaly Detection And Drill Downs
Anomaly Detection And Drill Downs

Event Alerts

  • You can now set up alerts to monitor various events in your data.
  • Alerts can be set up for the following events:
  • If you have a new entry added to your data.
  • If there is any change (addition or deletion) to your data.
  • If you have missing data
  • You can set the alert frequency to either daily or hourly.

Druid support (Experimental)

  • Druid is an open-source data store that can run super-fast queries on data and provides data ingestion and fast data aggregation.
  • We currently only support the sum and count aggregations with druid but we’ll be adding mean and unique soon, so keep on the lookout for that.
  • The supported authorizations in druid are anonymous (without a username, password) and basic auth

Bug fixes

  • Back-filling of missing data not occurring at the edges for anomaly #730
  • Sometimes alerts are not triggered even though anomalies exist in sub-dimensions #743
  • The expected range in alerts can be confusing when negative numbers are involved #725
  • Fixed search bug across multiple pages #826
  • Fixed bug which didn't accept test query payload #823

The Contributors

We have 15+ contributors spread across 10 different time zones across the world who have made commits to our GitHub repo to make Chaos Genius better than it was when they found it.

GitHub Contributors
GitHub Contributors

We are thankful to each one of you, and we're very excited about what the future holds for Chaos Genius in the open-source ecosystem.

Chaos Genius is an open-source business observability platform democratizing access to AI-powered Anomaly Detection for businesses around the world. Check out and access our Github Repository here. Give it a spin!

Preeti Shrimal

Co-Founder & CEO, Chaos Genius

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